BBC: “Incident response isn’t a paper you put on the shelf and just grab when someone starts screaming” – 01 May 2014 – Computing News

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  The BBC, an organisation employing roughly 35,000 people worldwide, which sends and receives over 100 million emails monthly and has more than 70TB of email data stored, is under constant cyber attack. Speaking at InfoSec 2014 today in London, David Jones, head of information security at the BBC, described the volume and types of […]

Strategic Risk emerging technologies and business model disruption

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  Companies identified disruptions to their business model as the second-highest strategic risk they face, after reputational risk, and forecast this to remain the case into 2016, according to Exploring Strategic Risk, a global risk survey released by Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited (DTTL). The concern is driven to a large extent by the role of […]