IOT Quotes 2016

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IoT opens a completely new dimension to security, it is where the Internet meets the physical world. BitDefender

“I don’t believe the industry can apply a lot of security lessons to IoT, at least not quickly enough,”L NERMIN HAJDARBEGOVIC – TECHNICAL EDITOR @ TOPTAL

Consensus is that more needs to be done to improve the security of all products, but the exponential rate at which IoT products are coming to market, compounded by the expansive risk network created by their often open connectivity, makes IoT security a particular concern and priority,” . said Jennifer Steffens, CEO at IOActive

unpatched IoT devices may be actively creating security gaps and being used as a backdoor to company networks”.-Spiceworks

“The good news, though, is that tried-and-true IT security controls that have evolved over the past 25 years can be just as effective for IoT—provided we can adapt them to the unique constraints of the embedded devices that will increasingly comprise the networks of the future.” —Michel Chabroux, Wind River

“no consensus on how to implement security in IoT on the device.” NERMIN HAJDARBEGOVIC

“I think the main points of security in the IoT context is in terms of protecting us from the physical harm that results from cyber threats to our [connected] systems,” said Professor Chris Hankin, director at the Institute for Security Science and Technology at University College London.

“Experts say need for IoT security isn’t overhyped Internet of Things
Roland Moore-Colyer”

“In an internet-connected world, it is imperative to establish trust between all devices and service providers,” said ARM security systems vice-president Marc Canel.

“devices are low-cost and essentially disposable”  NERMIN HAJDARBEGOVIC

“The IoT promises to deliver substantial productivity improvements over the coming decade, but very few IoT assets feature adequate security, something  many business leaders likely do not know” Accenture

“IoT faces unique new challenges, such as physical transfer of device ownership, poor hardware security countermeasures, lack of UI, scale, and many-to-many, user-to-device authentication requirements. There are many more issues specific to IoT for which we don’t have any prior experience or security patterns, and without awareness of these challenges, security efforts are often ineffective.” —Justin Klein Keane, OWASP contributor

The attack vector varies from device to device, but improper key handling or firmware validation puts a great number of IoT devices at risk. If an attacker can program a backdoor into a device, whether it be remote or local, then it’s game over.” —Elvis Collado, Praetorian