Cyber Training

We can help you control  and manage your own Cyber Security


  • Every business would like to:
  • See How Secure they are.
  • Have systems in place to constantly review security.
  • Stand out from their competitors by maintaining Customer and  Employee data secure.
  • Highlight their own security risks and weaknesses.
  • Provide a service they’re proud of
  • Improve their profits  .

5% retention=30% Profits (Bain&Co) Keeping Customer Data Safe  (Data Breach 7% loss in customers)

A 1% improvement (reduction) in variable costs generates a  7.8% income improvement (Mckinsey)

Training your employees to deliver a consistently a  great customer secure experience is a vital ingredient to achieving success and is essential for creating brand loyalty ,revenue protection. We realise that everyone has unique training and development requirements so we offer a choice of in-house and bespoke training courses to suit your personal and business needs. We can also deliver, or train you to deliver, your existing training material effectively and get the most of that existing investment

A small investment now could add huge value to your brand and ultimately your profits by training your employees to provide your customers with  peace of mind every time they have an interaction with your company

Vciso  helps organisations to deliver cyber safety. We achieve this by providing thought-provoking and enjoyable training and coaching. Our delegates go back to work with a much more positive, productive and enjoyable approach to dealing with information security. The workshops motivate and build confidence in using effective tools and techniques that make  business  system  a safe and secure  one.

We’ll help you:

  1. Stand out from your competitors by being able to map your security hot spots.
  2. Retain your customers by ensuring their data safety is paramount
  3. Ensure you are in control of your business’s security, one process can affect multiple parts of the business.
  4. Highlight and Improve any Cyber security skills that are needed
  5. Deliver  compliance in a visual one page report.
  6. Ability to measure security reporting.
  7. Reduce costs by being able to leverage of existing security technology and skills
  8. Manage the safety of your business’s major asset Data.
  9. Reduce the risk of being scammed, excessive down time, losing image ,reputation and customers.
  10. Provide a secure  service you’re proud of.
  11. Protect your revenue.


Workshops can be delivered in half or full days or two hour, high energy, high impact sessions. Training can take place locally, nationally or internationally.

Contact us  on 02071755212  to find out how you can build your business by being secure.